We make abundant waste biomass accessible

Measurable, auditable, and performant supply chains.

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01. Biomass Explorer

Get the full picture with instant access to feedstock resources nationwide alongside relevant infrastructure, biomass utilization, and much more.  


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Data Layers

02. Analyses unlock local resources

Experience a streamlined approach to extracting valuable insights, crafting comprehensive analyses, and presenting impactful findings. Empower your business with our user-friendly analysis tool.

03. Unparalled access to suppliers

We give you the tools to build and manage your local supply chain. Track your feedstock contacts and attestations in our integrated system.


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Need carbon compliance?

Qualify and then Track and Trace your supply chain with Biomass Validator.

Qualify Feedstock Supply
Track Shipments
Trace C02 Emissions
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Third Party Qualifing Supply Chains

We qualify for third-party certification and compliance requirements, ensuring your carbon project meets the highest standards with confidence.

About Us

We find better uses for biomass than burning and landfilling.
18% global CO2

From burning agricultural residues

11% of methane

From landfilling biomass


Pete and Andy's five-year friendship and research led them to focus on waste biomass as key to circular materials. They tackled the challenge of an nascent supply chain by enhancing access to biomass, connecting the Bioeconomy. Pete brings academic and startup experience, while Andy's background includes engineering, product management, and design.

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Catalyze the  bioeconomy by increasing  access to waste biomass


By 2030, facilitate the utilization of 100M tons  of waste biomass


Listen, Integrity, Human Element, Nature

Who is Loamist for?

Economic Development Offices

Attract projects to your region with best in class software to highlight resources and connect supply to project developers.

Project Developers

Build supply chains faster with our tools to find and qualify supply. We connect you to 300,000 suppliers instantly.

Biomass Suppliers

Increase diversion rates by qualifying your waste streams for high value end uses.

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Moving biomass and want to connect with buyers and suppliers? Loamist sends you business.


Need to find offtake for your biomass? Want help increasing the value and demand of your waste streams. Loamist can help.